Your words, our artwork
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Who are our artists?

In case you have your own distinguished style, interesting characters, ideas, the will to create dozens of artworks in series and digital image processing skills, this article is for you!

Our project is based on personalization of quality artworks and, therefore, we cooperate with artists with their own prominent styles, techniques and impeccable reputation. We work closely with artists around the world, for instance, from Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel and Western European countries. In general, email and Skype are enough to start working with us.

Principles of cooperation

We are interested in long-term cooperation. We do establish legal cooperation only, based on copyright or license agreements.

According to the general procedure, we pay royalties off each product sold and, in order to motivate our artists, we do pay the royalties in advance.

Our artists provide their artworks in digital formats and in observance of all our requirements. We do not post-process artworks ourselves.

Requirements for artworks

The artworks must correspond to the themes of our service and assume further personalization by the end user.

Each artwork must be compatible with square-shaped, horizontal or vertical media formats. Trims, cuts and other format adjustments should not affect the subject or artistic value of the artwork. Most frequently this can be reached by using compositional means and digital image processing.

No artwork may be subject of any dispute with third parties.

The colour palette must be suitable for digital CMYK printing.

Contact email address

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