Your words, our artwork
Personalised greeting cards and gifts to surprise your friends and family

Trademark and content personalization

You have your own interesting and prominent content and wish to give your customers the possibility to incorporate a part of their own into it? We can offer such service to you.

Trademark personalization is of interest to sport teams, stage artists, music collectives, festivals, museums, exhibitions, cities and towns, well known parks, artists and other persons and entities.

We provide both more personalized understanding of a trademark and new marketing possibilities, based on social relations and personal recommendations by our loyal customers.

Personalization service to your customers

You want to make a gift to your customers? We can offer them personal discounts and other exclusive conditions. We are interested in most diverse integration schemes.

Product’s Mobile Web Page

In addition, each product always has its own mobile web page, which can be reached by the QR code, found on our brand plaque. On the web page you can share links to your social networks, interesting web sites, YouTube videos, Flickr’s images, contacts and etc. Your customers, their friends, acquaintances and colleagues may visit that mobile web page from any phone by using any QR code reader. This basic feature is available for all of our partners and customers.

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