Your words, our artwork
Personalised greeting cards and gifts to surprise your friends and family

How it works

To create your unique product, you need to take several simple steps:

Step 1: Choosing a basis for your product

On the main page of the Web Site, select one artwork, most suiting your taste, mood and the theme. For your convenience the Web Site provides the possibility to filter artworks by product formats, themes and dominating colours, as well as the possibility to use key words.

Step 2: Choosing a format

After you choose an artwork, you will be offered to select a product format. This choice will influence the final product price. The quality of production does not depend on the measurements or price.

Step 3: Editing

Add desired text, photos or pictures to each accessed page. The text and images may be moved, rotated, enlarged or reduced. You can select the text font, set the brightness, colour and alignment. You can change images by using one of the art filters.

Step 4: Recipients and ways of delivery

Each of your products can be made in several copies and forwarded to different addressees. You can choose to have the product delivered to yourself, to your recipient or arrive to collect the products at our office. The time and way of delivery influences the price.

Step 5: Payment

After you create your products and set their recipients and way of delivery, you can pay the full price of the order. For payments we use the services of PayPal. The rules and conditions for using the service are provided on our Web Site, in the Terms of use section.