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Thank you for your interest in our Service. Arti posti (hereinafter referred to as the OPERATOR) pays great attention to proper care of private and personal data of its Web Site Visitors.

The OPERATOR handles personal data in observance of the national laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the Personal data protection provisions of the Terms (see here). By using our Service the Visitors grant us the permission to collect, store, disclose and use information. The Visitors mutually accept the conditions of our Privacy policy.

Personal data

User account

Before placing the order, the Visitor has to create an account on our Web Site. During registration process the Visitor shall provide his/her name, e-mail address and contact telephone number.

The Visitor accepts that the OPERATOR will use his/her e-mail address for notifications on the status of ordering, paying and delivery of products.

Address book

The Visitor may create and manage his/her own address book.

Information messages

The Visitor may subscribe to the OPERATOR’S Service related messages like reports, campaigns and special offers.

User Content

When creating products, the Visitor may upload his/her own content, for instance, images, text and/or audio files. The OPERATOR shall not disclose the user content, except the cases then the Visitor intentionally shares his/her product designs with others by any means implemented within the Service.


Cookies are small fragments of data, created by the Web Site to be stored inside the user’s computer. Cookies are needed for operation of most Internet stores. More information on cookies can be found here.

Arti posti does not use cookies for collecting users’ personal data and prohibits such use of cookies to all of its partners whose content may be published on the Web Site.

To the contrary, arti posti uses cookies only for storing the user’s local settings and actual navigational context. Thus cookies are necessary for correct functioning of the service.

The user, whose Internet browser settings don’t allow to use cookies, may experience difficulties to create and order his/her unique personalized gifts. Having this in mind please allow the arti post Web Site to use cookies.

Operator’s obligations

The OPERATOR undertakes not to disclose the Visitors’ personal data to any third parties, except the cases where such disclosure is necessary for proper execution/delivery of the order via the OPERATOR’S couriers. In all the other cases the OPERATOR shall not have the right to disclose the Visitors’ information to any third parties, except the cases, foreseen in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

In case the Visitor does not order the OPERATOR’S information messages, his/her personal data may not be used for marketing purposes and no advertising or information messages may be sent to his/her e-mail address, except such notices, which may be necessary for proper execution of the Visitor’s order.