Your words, our artwork
Personalised greeting cards and gifts to surprise your friends and family
Be creative and make colourful greeting cards: square-shaped, vertical, horizontal, from smallest (97x70 mm) to largest (200x142 mm). We will print your greeting card on thick chalky 300 gsm cardboard and nicely fold it.
Your photographs, wishes or just plain thoughts will make the greeting card unique, so it will bring joy and preserve nice memories for years to come!
To open the virtual version of the greeting card, use the QR code, found on our brand plaque.
Standard Greeting Card
142x200 mm
€ 2.99
Square Greeting Card
145x145 mm
€ 2.99
Mini card
97x142 mm
€ 2.49
Nano Greeting Card
71x97 mm
€ 1.99
142x97 mm
€ 1.99
Mega card
200x142 mm
€ 1.99
285x200 mm
€ 2.99
Poster A4
297x210 mm
€ 2.99